Sending a document for review

To send a document for review, first:

  • Turn on Track Changes so that your reviewers' edits will be audited, allowing you to accept or reject their changes.
  • Save the document.
    Consider saving a separate copy of the document for each reviewer with a name that indicates the reviewer, for example: Report rev Dan.doc.

Then do one of the following to send the document by email:

  • In Word, choose File → Send To ? Mail Recipient (As Attachment).
  • In Windows Explorer, right-click the file and choose Send To ? Mail Recipient.
    If either of the above two otions do not function correctly, contact the Lotus Notes Help Desk and let them know you are unable to create an email message using these methods. They have a fix for your system that will enable this functionality.
  • In Lotus Notes, start a new e-mail message and attach the file.
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