Select text objects - 30 Oct 2007

Selecting text objects is a bit tricky, because if you click in the object, you actually select the text (the content), not the text object as a whole. You can tell the difference because when a text object is selected correctly, it will have a shaded border made up of dots. If you see a hashed border, it means you are in the edit text mode, and you are only selecting the text, not the object.

Shaded border: object selected

Hashed border: edit text mode

To select a text object:

  • Shift+click the object: hold the Shift key down and click the text object


  • Click the object (which usually will put you into edit text mode and position the insertion point in the text) then press the Escape key on your keyboard to ‘escape’ the edit text mode. The object will then be selected.
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