Select objects

Before you select objects, you must make sure you have the selection pointer (the arrow).

  • Click the Select Objects button on the Drawing toolbar. Select Objects button
You cannot select shapes using other mouse pointers. You must have the selection pointer, which is easiest to activate by clicking the Select Objects button.

Once you have the selection pointer, you are ready to select an object.

  • Click the object.

When an object is selected, selection handles will appear as dots on the edges and corners of the object. Some objects will also display shaded borders.


  • Select a filled object: Click anywhere within the object.
  • Select an unfilled object: Click the object's border.
  • Cancel a selected object: Click away from the object.
  • In the Slide view, you can press the Tab key to cycle the selection forward through slide objects, or Shift+Tab to cycle backward.
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