Save a table as AutoText

While table styles allow you to apply desired formatting efficiently to tables, they do not include the actual structure (columns and rows) or content of the table. To 'memorize' everything about a table, save the table as an AutoText entry.

To save a table as an AutoText entry:

Before saving a table as AutoText, you should prepare the table as efficiently as possible, including text that you want to appear every time you recall the table, formatting (ideally, a table style), and one or more blank rows for the data in the table.
  1. Create or select a table.
  2. Press Alt+F3.
  3. Enter a short word or abbreviation as the AutoText entry (name) for the table.

To recall the table in the future:

  1. Type the AutoText entry (name) for the table.
  2. Press F3.
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