RoboMon 7.0 - 15 May 1999

The complicated setup of event notification and management using NT's tools on an NT network always amazes me. If setting NT Performance Monitor alerts and writing thousands of custom lines of scripting code aren't your preferred methods of managing your NT enterprise, you'll find Heroix's RoboMon an invaluable network tool.

RoboMon is one of the best products for managing every step of the problem notification, tracking, and resolution process. Using RoboMon, you can set up a comprehensive enterprise-management system that permits, among other things, network monitoring at both the machine and software levels. With RoboMon's Rule Engines, you can easily define a set of rules that specify how and when critical network events occur and what steps to automatically follow to notify administrators or resolve the problems.

For example, you might use the product to monitor key servers and the applications and services running on those servers. In the event of service or machine failures, you can have RoboMon automatically alert (e.g., by pager or email) specific administrators and take proactive steps (e.g., restart a service or machine) to automatically resolve the problem. Also, RoboMon includes a sophisticated reporting function that lets an administrator generate reports on a variety of data related to the peformance and functionality of individual machines and the network as a whole. If your network management is in a state of chaos, RoboMon could be your answer.

RoboMon 7.0
Contact: Heroix * 617-527-1550 or 800-225-6500
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