Review: Lumsing 6000 Series Portable Power Bank

Review: Lumsing 6000 Series Portable Power Bank

I recently reviewed the PowerBot Wireless Charging Pad with Battery Backup, which provides both a Qi-enabled wireless charging point and the ability to charge other, cord-connected devices while traveling. But, what if you don't need the wireless charging capability? What if you just want a slim and powerful power bank that you can slip into most any bag?

I was recently able to test a good power bank gadget from Lumsing. Lumsing produces a range of products for mobile devices. The product I used was the Lumsing PBJ-6200 Power Bank. While there are many power bank-type of solutions available today with very similar features, the Lumsing offers at least one big advantage over others I've tested, and that is how it is solidly constructed (which I'll cover below). It's tough to test and review similar gadgets when most of them offer the same features, so it really boils down to the features that make it stand out. In a sea of similar offerings, the Lumsing Power Bank does have that one thing that makes it a worthwhile choice.

Size and Weight

The Lumsing Power Bank is about the exact same size of an iPhone, making it extremely portable. It weighs just a tad bit more than an iPhone, but the weight is comfortable. It can sit easily and comfortably in a carry-on bag, providing charging capability for your mobile devices while in route to your destination, or even fit into a pants pocket since it's the same size as a mid-sized smartphone.


This is the area where the Lumsing shines over other power banks. The Lumsing is solidly built, and so much so, that it can take a significant drop and survive. Other power banks I've tested before, I had to treat them with kid gloves, worried that even a small drop to the floor would shatter the case. The outside shell feels like sturdy metal, or some similar alloy. So, while other power banks offer pretty much the same features, the rugged construction of the Lumsing makes it a really good choice.


The Lumsing offers pretty much the status quo for power banks, providing two USB output ports: USB 5V 1A and 5v 2.1A, so that you can charge two devices at once.

To help manage the power storage of the Lumsing, one side of the device provides a power button and an available charge LED indicator row.

In the Box

The Lumsing PBJ-6200 comes with a soft, drawstring case, a user manual, and a USB to Micro USB charging cable. As with many devices like this these days, you'll need to supply your own USB-capable wall plug to charge the power bank, but you can also use a standard USB computer or TV port to charge it, too.

Bottom line: If you want a cost-worthy, travel-capable power bank, the Lumsing is a good choice. If you already have a power bank you carry with you, for the price, size, weight of the Lumsing, you could easily add this one as a second power source. And, if you don't have one already, it really does make a good first choice. If I were to compare the Lumsing to power banks I've tested and reviewed in the past, I'd choose the Lumsing just for the solid construction – well and the price.

It's currently available from for $19.99:

Lumsing 6000mah Ultra Slim Portable Power Bank External Battery Pack Backup Charger

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