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Return of The Poster Guy!

A few months ago, I posted in this blog that my deep investigative reporting (okay, he walked up to me and introduced himself) had revealed the person behind all those cool Microsoft posters is Martin McClean, an Aussie currently working at the mothership in Redmond. Well, he’s gone and done it again.

There’s a new, amazingly detailed Remote Desktop Services poster, now available Yep, it's pretty detailedfrom the Microsoft download center (but much faster if you just click on the link). I’m not sure he realizes this, but Martin’s beginning to disrupt corporate IT as legions of IT pros are beginning to complain their offices are too small to accommodate their McClean posters :).

And now he’s gone and taken some of the fun away from me, too. Martin’s started his own blog (love the URL and title!) where he’s announcing new posters, and to make sure you can access all the old posters from one location. I’m reduced to simply re-posting his announcements and now have to find some real work to do!

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