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Replication/Data Availability Solution - 23 Aug 2005

Replication/Data Availability Solution. Readers chose Neverfail Group's Neverfail for Windows Product Suite as the Best Replication/Data Availability Solution, giving the product a generous 38 percent of votes in this subcategory. The suite includes the core Neverfail Heartbeat replication software as well as modules that provide high-availability and disaster-recovery solutions for Microsoft Exchange Server, SQL Server, SharePoint Portal Server, IIS, and Windows file servers. Neverfail also touts the suite as a "cluster-class" solution, referring to the process that replicates data from an active to a passive server, proactively monitors server availability, and automatically fails over to the passive server when the primary server goes offline and switches back to the active server when it's online again. Readers applaud the Neverfail for Windows Product Suite, saying it's "a solid, easy-to-use, effective product," "Good software," and "It works!"

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