Rehearse presentation timing

  1. Choose Slide Show → Rehearse Timings to start the show in rehearsal mode.

    Rehearsal toolbar

  2. Rehearse the presentation using the same presentation techniques you would use to present the slide show to an audience. You can use the same slide navigation techniques you would use in an actual presentation. The only difference is that the Rehearsal toolbar is visible and is keeping track of the time spent on each slide. You can use the Rehearsal toolbar to:
    • Advance to the next slide. Click Next. Advance button
    • Pause the rehearsal.
    • View the amount of time spent on the current slide.
    • If you know exactly how much time you want spent on the current slide, you may enter it into the Rehearsal toolbar and press Enter.
    • Repeat the current slide. If you make a mistake, click Repeat and start the slide again. The time counter for the current slide starts over at zero.
    • View the amount of time spent since the presentation was started.
    • Stop the rehearsal. Click the Close button on the Rehearsal toolbar.
  3. When you are finished with the rehearsal, navigate to the last slide or press Escape.
  4. A dialog box appears asking if you want to save the timings from the rehearsal.
  5. Click Yes to accept the timings or No to discard the new timings.

Slide timing then appears below the slide thumbnail. You can manually configure slide timing in the Slide Transition task pane.

Advance slide options in Slide Transition task pane

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