Real Answers from Real People; What a Concept.

Did you know that you can send our editors questions, and you'll actually get a response from real people? One of readers recently asked us for supplementary info for "Migrating to Microsoft Exchange Server," July 1997, InstantDoc ID 271. He was pleasantly surprised to hear back from our Exchange Subject Matter Editors, Anne Grubb and Brian Keith Winstead. Here are some of the resources we found to help this reader with his migrating project.

"How can I convert mail system X to Exchange?" InstantDoc ID 13645

"Lessons Learned," April 2003, Exchange & Outlook Administrator, InstantDoc ID 37956

"Exchange Migration," September 2005, InstantDoc ID 47266

"Solving a Mailbox Migration Problem," July 2002, Exchange & Outlook Administrator, InstantDoc ID 25117

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