Reader to Reader: Keyboard Shortcuts

I found an interesting page on Microsoft's Web site that lists keyboard shortcuts for various OSs. The Windows Keyboard Guides page is at Some Windows NT and Windows 9x keyboard shortcuts that I wasn't aware of include the following:

  • Alt+Shift+Backspace—redoes a previously undone action
  • Windows logo key+Break—opens the System Properties dialog box
  • Windows logo key+Tab—cycles through the Taskbar selections

Some useful Windows Explorer keyboard shortcuts include the following:

  • Asterisk (on the numeric keypad)—expands all the folders under the currently selected folder
  • Minus sign (on the numeric keypad)—closes all the folders under the currently selected folder
  • Backspace—moves to the currently selected folder's parent directory

You can't install Win2K Server in a nonstandard installation folder on a clean machine.

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