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Q. You are constantly prompted for credentials when you use SecurID authentication to access a document or program that is published by ISA Server 2006?

When you click a link to download a document or program in Internet Explorer 6, like a link to download a file from a SharePoint Portal site, you enter credentials on the SecurID logon form and are informed that your credentials have been authenticated. Internet Explorer blocks the redirection to the download site and your options appear on the information bar. When you select the Download File option, the SecurID logon form is displayed and you are informed that you entered invalid SecurID password.

This behavior will occur if the download site was published by an ISA (Internet Security and Acceleration) server, the published Web site had SSO (Single Sign On) disabled, SecurID credentials are required for authentication, and you use Internet Explorer to access the download site. The authentication fails because the browser resends a POST request and a one-time password when you select the Download File option, but this one-time password was used when you entered your credentials on the SecurID logon form, and cannot be used again.

To workaround this behavior, add the URL of the published Web site to the trusted sites list:

1. Use the Internet Explorer Tools menu and press Internet Options.

2. Select the Security tab.

3. Select Trust sites.

4. Press the Sites button.

5. Type the URL of the published Web site into the Add this Web site to the Zone box.

6. Press Add.

7. Press OK and OK.

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