Q. What is the Windows Live Photo Gallery fuse feature?

A. Often, you take several pictures but you can never get everyone smiling and not blinking in the same picture. You can painstakingly try and cut and paste open eyes from one picture into another, but the fuse feature of Windows Live Photo Gallery does this for you.

Notice that I have three pictures of He-Man, Thor, and Batman. In each picture, one of them isn't looking the right way. (This is always the case when you get gods, masters of the universe, and the world's greatest detectives together.)

I select the pictures and select Photo Fuse in the Edit menu, as shown here.

Windows Live Photo Gallery Fuse

The photos are scanned by the fuse algorithms and aligned. I can now select a region of the photo and the fuse will give me a list of portions from all the pictures for that area. I select the one that I like best, as shown here. All I'm doing is selecting a region of the photo, fuse takes care of finding the matching areas.

Windows Live Photo Gallery Fuse

I now have a picture with all three facing front. That's one for the mantel.

Windows Live Photo Gallery Fuse

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