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Q. What are Internet Explorer (IE) 8 Accelerators?


A. Like Web Slices, Accelerators are designed to help users accomplish more with fewer clicks. Or in this case, copy and paste. Accelerators are add-ins running in IE that offer specific functions, such as the Map with Bing accelerator that lets you select an address on a web page then see the option to get a map from Bing without having to copy the address or navigate to Bing.

The Map with Bing accelerator

Note that the map is pulled up in the current context and not as a separate tab although we can access full functionality through the displayed links.

Accelerators are available for download from Microsoft, and there are lots of them to choose from. If you find you've added so many accelerators that your performance is suffering, you can use the Tools, Manage Add-ons option, which lists all the add-ons that are installed and their status and can disable them.

Managing Accelerators

Another example, shown below, is useful when browsing foreign sites.

IE 8 Translation Accelerator

And I thought I would challenge it—I'm amazed it worked Smile. Of course I have no way of checking if it's actually right.

IE 8 Translation Accelerator

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