Q: There's an area in my building that has a weak wireless signal. Should I place an Access Point in there to cover that spot?

A: If there's an area in your building that's able to receive the Wi-Fi signal but the signal is weak, you should still be able to connect to the Wi-Fi system but the data rates will be low, maybe just 1Mbps to 6Mbps. If you want your users in these areas to have higher data rates, you should look at deploying additional Access Points (APs).

When deploying an AP, here are some basic rules that you should follow:

  • Adjacent APs should be deployed on different non-overlapping frequency channels. In the 2.4GHz frequency band, this would be channels 1, 6, and 11.
  • Always check for other equipment that might be operating in the same frequency band as your Wi-Fi system. This equipment could cause interference to your Wi-Fi system and impact coverage and throughput.
  • Test the coverage by placing the AP in different locations and checking the signal strength. Remember to test the AP that you plan to deploy.
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