Q. Is there an easy way to get shortcuts to popular Control Panel applets on my desktop or in folders?

A. In a previous FAQ, I talked about GodMode, which you can use by creating an empty folder with a special name. You can create other special folders that will create a link to a Control Panel applet:

  • ASSEMBLIES.\\{1D2680C9-0E2A-469d-B787-065558BC7D43\\}
  • BIOMETRIC.\\{0142e4d0-fb7a-11dc-ba4a-000ffe7ab428\\}
  • CREDENTIALS.\\{1206F5F1-0569-412C-8FEC-3204630DFB70\\}
  • DEFAULTS.\\{17cd9488-1228-4b2f-88ce-4298e93e0966\\}
  • DISPLAY.\\{C555438B-3C23-4769-A71F-B6D3D9B6053A\\}
  • DRIVES.\\{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D\\}
  • FIREWALL.\\{4026492F-2F69-46B8-B9BF-5654FC07E423\\}
  • LOCATION.\\{00C6D95F-329C-409a-81D7-C46C66EA7F33\\}
  • NETWORK.\\{208D2C60-3AEA-1069-A2D7-08002B30309D\\}
  • NETWORKAPPS.\\{15eae92e-f17a-4431-9f28-805e482dafd4\\}
  • NOTIFICATION.\\{05d7b0f4-2121-4eff-bf6b-ed3f69b894d9\\}
  • PERFORMANCE.\\{78F3955E-3B90-4184-BD14-5397C15F1EFC\\}
  • POWER.\\{025A5937-A6BE-4686-A844-36FE4BEC8B6D\\}
  • PRINTERS.\\{2227A280-3AEA-1069-A2DE-08002B30309D\\}
  • REMOTE.\\{241D7C96-F8BF-4F85-B01F-E2B043341A4B\\}
  • WIRELESS.\\{1FA9085F-25A2-489B-85D4-86326EEDCD87\\}

Just create an empty folder and rename it to one of the names above to create a link anywhere to the Control Panel applet of choice. Note that what you’re actually doing here is creating junction points that link to the various namespaces.

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