Q. I cancelled the Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) toolkit's collection of performance counters and now MAP shows the data collection as incomplete and I can't run any performance or server consolidation reports. What's wrong?

A. When you run MAP's Performance Metrics wizard, you configure a time to stop the collection. If you stop the collection midway by clicking Cancel, the Gather Performance Metrics will show as Incomplete and you can't view any results. This is because when you cancel the collection, the post-processing of the data doesn't take place. To resolve this, you can run the Windows Server 2008 R2 Readiness (or the Windows 7 Readiness) report, click Set assessment properties, change one of the values (such as Free Disk) a small amount, then click Run Assessment. This will force the post-processing to run on all the data and allow the Performance Metrics to be viewed and the Server Consolidation Wizard to be executed.

Forcing the MAP post-processing to run

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