Q: How do I install Swype on the Samsung 7 Slate?

A: Swype provides an alternate keyboard experience to that of Windows 7, and many people prefer it. However, many have experienced problems in downloading and installing it, as the installation option is disabled.

The trick is to actually bypass the Samsung Easy Software Manager, and directly download and install Swype.

To find the correct download location, navigate to C:\ProgramData\SAMSUNG\Easy Software Manager, then open the PATCH_XXXXXX.XML file in Notepad. Look for the Swype entries, and one of them will contain the download URL ( http://orcaservice.samsungmobile.com/ITEM/Software/BASW-13533A/BASW-13533A19.ZIP ).

Manually download this file and expand it, then install Swype on your Samsung 7 Slate.

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