Q. How can you use your Win9x profile after upgrading to Windows 2000?

When you upgrade to Windows 2000 from Windows 9x, and you DO NOT join the domain during setup, a local account using your domain UserName is created and your W9x profile is migrated to that account.

NOTE: See Q232970 - Description of Windows 2000 User Account and Profile Migration.

When you do join the domain and log on, a new profile is created.

To copy your original settings to this new profile:

01. Log on using an Administrator account.

02. Right-click My Computer and press Properties.

03. Select the User Profiles tab.

04. Select the original local profile, which normally has both the computer name and user name.

05. Press Copy to.

06. In the Copy profile to box, Browse to the folder that contains the profiles, C:\Documents and Settings.

07. Select the new domain account, which is normally the UserName.NetBIOS_DomainName.

08. Press OK.

09. Press Change and add the appropriate permissions. Press OK.

10. Press Yes, if prompted to overwrite.

11. Press OK until all the dialog boxes are closed.

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