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Q. How can I map a drive to my Windows Live SkyDrive using Office 2010?

A. It's possible to map a drive in Windows to your SkyDrive by using the Office 2010 Save to Web feature to find the Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) address of your SkyDrive. In Office 2010, select the Save & Send menu option and select Save to Web. You'll be prompted to enter your Windows Live credentials and your SkyDrive content will be displayed, as shown here.

Office 2010 Save to Web

Select your folder then Save As. Your unique WebDAV address is displayed in the address bar. Copy the address bar as text, as shown here.

Office 2010 Save to Web

Now use this path as the target to map a drive to using Explorer. Make sure you select Reconnect at logon.

Office 2010 Save to Web

To avoid any authentication requests, you should also link your live ID with your Windows account.

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