Q. How can I get the NET USE command to store my credentials when I am prompted for a password?

I first discussed the /savecred switch in tip 8230 ยป How can a Windows XP user schedule a job using the AT command on an untrusted Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003 computer?

Using the /savecred switch, as in net use * \\ServerName\ShareName /savecred, causes the prompted users' credentials to be entered into Stored User Names and Passwords when they successfully connect, or if Cancel is pressed on a returned error message.

When you manually create an entry using Control Panel / User Accounts / Advanced tab / Manage Passwords / Add, you can use a specific resource (server.domain.forest.com ), a less specific resource (*.domain.forest.com) for all resources in domain.forest.com, or a general set of resources (*.forest.com) for all resources in forest.com. If you have multiple credentials that can apply to the target resource, Windows XP SP1 and later uses the most specific credential that is applicable.

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