Publish a presentation to the Web

  1. Choose File → Save as Web Page.
  2. Click the Publish button.

    The Publish as Web Page dialog box appears.

    Publish as Web Page dialog box

    The interface is not clear about this point, but the Save As dialog box is really only used to save the presentation as a Web page to a local hard drive or network shared folder. It is not used to publish the presentation to an Internet or intranet Web server. The Publish as Web Page dialog box allows you to save a file as a Web page, to a Web server.
  3. Configure the options for the Web-based presentation.
  4. Click Web Options to configure additional options.

    Among the most important options in the Web Options dialog box are whether animations will show (on the General tab), and the size of the target monitor (on the Pictures tab).

  5. Enter the full path to the presentation as a URL, such as
  6. Click the Publish button.
  7. You may be prompted for the user name and password required to publish to the Web server.
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