Product Review: Inateck 3 Port USB Hub with Gigabit Ethernet

Product Review: Inateck 3 Port USB Hub with Gigabit Ethernet

As someone who regularly tests new gadgets and devices there's very little I haven't seen. Most gadgets on the market today all share similar features and functions and it really takes something special to make a gadget stand out. Sometimes it's a particular feature that pushes a gadget above the rest, and a lot of times it boils down to the price.

But, there's one particular area that always gets my attention, and that's when a device takes multiple features and functions and combines them into a single device for a good price. And, that's what the Inateck 3 Port USB Hub with Gigabit Ethernet does.

Inateck has produced a lightweight hub that provides three USB 3.0 ports, along with a fast Ethernet port, making it a perfect travel companion. As you know, I'm an avid Surface Pro 3 user, so when I travel I like to travel extremely light. The Surface Pro 3 only provides a single USB 3.0 port on its own, so I've had to carry two devices, an Ethernet adapter, and a USB hub. I've been happy with my previous setup, using the Plugable USB 2.0 Ethernet Adapter and the Satechi 4-port USB 3.0 hub (pictured just below).

The combination of USB and Ethernet in the Inateck hub allows me to ditch both of my old devices for this single gadget and make my travel load even lighter. That's a huge win, in my opinion. If you've read my recent Surface Pro 3 Diary post on the mobile mindset, you're sure to understand how important it is.

The Inateck hub comes with a driver disk, but the Surface Pro 3 recognized the hub immediately. USB speeds are in the expected range and the Ethernet port provides adequate performance. I don't have gigabit Ethernet to test with at the moment, so I can't test the full gigabit speeds.

Inateck makes some good products that provide quality features for affordable prices, and this hub is probably the best and most useful gadget I've tested from the company. I recently put Inateck's Surface Pro 3 felt sleeve through its paces and found that it didn't meet my expectations. But, this hub is definitely worth a look for those travelers wanting to combine functions and needs a solid performer.

I really like this device. And, so much so, that I've added it to my Surface Pro 3 Accessory Buying Guide.

You can find the hub on Amazon for around $22:  Inateck 3 Port USB 3.0 Hub +Gigabit Ethernet Converter


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