Print a presentation

To print a presentation

  • Choose File → Print.
    It is recommended to use the Print command, rather than the default Print button, because the print button prints the entire presentation to the default printer as slides. It does not allow you to configure the print job options.

In the Print dialog box, you can configure numerous options:

Print dialog box

  • The range of slides to print
  • The number of copies to print
  • The type of print job (Print what): Slides (one per page), Handouts (1, 2, 3, 4, 6 or 9 slides per page), Notes Pages or the Outline View.
  • Whether to print color, grayscale or black and white.

    On a black-and-white laser printer, Color and Grayscale will look the same, except that in Grayscale mode, a slide background created with the Format ? Background command will not print. You can choose Grayscale if you want the presentation to print in shades of gray on a color printer (for reproduction later using a grayscale photo copier for example).

    The Pure Black and White option prints some objects with no shades of gray, although bitmaps and clipart will still print in grayscale.

  • Whether or not to print comments and ink markup
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