Prepping for IT/Dev Connections: Early Access to the 2013 Conference Guide

Prepping for IT/Dev Connections: Early Access to the 2013 Conference Guide

If you're heading to IT/Dev Connections next week, you'll be happy to know you can get early access to the event goodness by downloading a PDF version of the Conference Guide.

This electronic version of the guide will prove valuable, allowing you to carry conference information around with you on your mobile device. You can either keep the file on your device, push it to your always available SkyDrive, or send it to OneNote for easy organization and access (this is what I do).

What's in it?

In the guide you'll find useful information like:

  • Mobile app information
  • The event Wi-Fi access ID and password
  • Networking Lounge location and times
  • The event session rooms map
  • Full session listing with assigned session rooms
  • Conference Meal times and locations
  • The full listing of 2013 IT/Dev Connections speakers
  • Special events like Mark Russinovich's book signing

The guide is available in the downloads section of the IT/Dev Connections Community group on, here: IT/Dev Connections Community

Or, you can download it directly from this link: 2013 IT/Dev Connections Conference Guide (3.5m)

Other useful downloads:

Not attending IT/Dev Connections?  There's still time to register! Registration ends at midnight on Friday, September 27, 2013. Register HERE.

Can't attend this year? Plan to next year. Download the guide anyway and use it to prove to your manager that this is THE event to attend next year.


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