Possible Error Messages

In my experiences with cloning Windows NT systems, I've encountered some errors. Unfortunately, little documentation on cloning is available. Most of what I've learned is through trial and error. Here are some common cloning problems and their solutions.

Computer hangs during the SYSDIFF/APPLY operation (step 12 in the main article). The reason why the system hangs is usually a lack of disk space or a problem with the difference file (it's either corrupted or a portion of the application or data files is bad). Check disk space on the target system that the applications will be copied to. If disk space is insufficient, you've found the source of the problem. You can easily remedy this problem by adding more disk. If you have plenty of disk space, try manually installing the difference file from the local system instead of across the network. If that workaround doesn't work, re-create the difference file.

Error Message: System Error 5. You sometimes get a System Error 5 message when SYSDIFF.EXE attempts to enter restricted areas of the Registry. This error message means Access Denied. It sometimes happens because you've tried to access files or Registry entries that the administrator has restricted. To remedy the problem, edit the SYSDIFF.INF file to exclude sections of the Registry and directories that are off limits.

Error Message: Diff Failed (Error 2). The Diff Failed (Error 2) error message is a syntax error on the command line when you choose the /DIFF option. Check the step-by-step instructions in the main article and try again.

Error Message: Diff Failed (Error 32). Error 32 signals an open file error. The files could be open because applications are in use or because the system has opened other applications. To solve this problem, restart the system and run the SYSDIFF/DIFF procedure before running any other applications. Next, turn off virus checking or system monitoring. Exclude the following directories on a domain controller:

\WINNT\SYSTEM32\WINS, which the system uses for Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) management

\WINNT\SYSTEM32\DHCP, which the system uses for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) management

\WINNT\SYSTEM32\SYNCAGNT, which the system uses for domain synchronization

Then, exclude the location of the difference file and all .LOG files.

Error Message: Access Denied. When you use SYSDIFF/INF to create one image in the installation location, and then rerun the function to add another difference file, you might get an Access Denied error. To get around the problem, use the first image you created with the SYSDIFF/INF option for the installation and use SYSDIFF/APPLY to apply the second difference file manually.

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