The Picture Frame of the 21st Century

Are you still displaying your family photos in archaic wooden frames? Are you still pasting your yellowing pictures in lap-squashing photo albums? Digital-photography enthusiasts maintain that digital photo frames are the ideal photo-display and scrapbooking method of the 21st century.

As an example, take a look at Westinghouse Digital Electronics' new DPF-0701 digital photo frame, which can display multiple pictures at the same time, thanks to the company's patent-pending MosaicView technology. Featuring 16MB of memory for storage of approximately 200 photos, the DPF-0701 is the first digital frame that can display multiple images simultaneously. For example, one frame can illustrate your family's entire fun-filled vacation day: one image at the beach, one at lunch, one at dinner, and so on. All you do is plug in your digital camera memory card or download images from a PC via a USB port.

The 7" DPF-0701 features an attractive ebony wood frame and a brilliant 16:9 widescreen panel that's well suited for today's widescreen digital cameras. The DPF-0701 frame costs $199. For more information about the product, visit the Westinghouse Digital Electronics Web site.

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