Personalized toolbars - 30 Oct 2007

By default, Word squeezes the Standard and Formatting toolbars onto one row. Because space is tight, buttons for commands you have not recently used will be hidden.

To find toolbar buttons that are hidden:

  • Click the Toolbar Options button at the end of a toolbar. Select the button you are looking for from the drop-down menu.

    Toolbar Options

  • Double-click the move handle on the left edge of the toolbar and hidden tools will appear. toolbarmovehandle
  • Drag the toolbar, by its move handle, away from the window's edge toward the center of the window. The toolbar will become a floating toolbar, at which point all of its buttons will appear.

Once you select a button, the command is executed and the button is added to the toolbar. Another, less recently used button, may become hidden in order to make room for the selected button.


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