Perform a mail merge (Word 2000)

  1. Open an existing letter or start a new one.
  2. If you wish to create mailing labels, start with a blank document.
  3. Choose Tools → Mail Merge.
  4. Click Create ? Form Letters (or Mailing Labels).
    The Catalog option allows you to print without page breaks between each record—great for printing out an address book, phone list, list of customers, etc. Any time you want to print fields from a data source as a list or form without page breaks between records, choose Catalog.
  5. Click Active Window.
  6. Click Get Data ? Open Data Source.
  7. When the Open Data Source dialog appears, be sure to click on the Files of Type drop-down arrow and select All Files (*.*) or a filter that matches the source of your data.
  8. You will now be asked a series of questions regarding your data and the merge.
    If you are ever unsure of what button to click, click the darkest button. It usually is the correct one!
  9. When you see the Insert Merge Field button appear, you are ready to position the fields or codes that pull in data from your data source. Click in your text, or on the mailing label, where you want a merged field to appear. Click Insert Merge Field and choose a field. Type any necessary punctuation, including spaces and repeat this step until all fields have been positioned.
  10. Choose Tools ? Mail Merge and click the Merge button.
  11. If you wish to sort or filter your data, click the buttons for Query Options.
  12. Click the Merge button.
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