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PC Card Converts Computers into Media Centers

KWorld Computer announced MediaCenter 200 Deluxe, a single card conversion system that turns any PC into a full-featured, multimedia control station that rivals Windows XP Media Center. MediaCenter 200 Deluxe is a multimedia processing card, complete with infrared (IR) remote control, that lets you capture, control, and manipulate audio and video from antenna, cable, satellite, camcorder, VCR, and other sources. You can use your PC to watch TV, DVDs, pictures, music, and video. You can pause live TV, record a show, listen to your favorite songs, import playlists, and enjoy a DVD movie with theater-like sound and HDTV resolution.

Bundled with Intervideo's WinDVDCreator-2 and Home Theatre, the system captures and stores the captured material in a variety of formats for playback, editing, copying, and storage. Minimum system requirements for MediaCenter 200 Deluxe include a Pentium III 800 PC with Window XP or Windows 2000, a free PCI 2.2 slot, a graphics card that supports Microsoft DirectX 8.1 or higher, a SoundBlaster 16-compatible sound card, and a CD-ROM drive for installation. CD-R and DVD-R drives are required for burning and permanent storage of material. MediaCenter 200 Deluxe ships with all necessary A/V adapter cables, FM antenna, and a full-function IR remote control/receiver pickup.

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