Paul’s Picks - 28 Mar 2007

Quick summaries of in-depth product reviews on Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows


PROS: Windows Vista includes major security enhancements over Windows XP.
CONS: Security in Vista is still baseline only, no antivirus capability included; it's unclear how Vista will adapt to evolving threats.
RECOMMENDATION: Vista has been developed from the ground up to be more secure and includes many low-level and user-oriented security features. However, Vista still doesn't include every protection users or businesses require. There's no antivirus solution in
Vista, for example, and some of Vista's security features—such as Windows Firewall and Defender—aren't robust.
CONTACT: Microsoft • 800-426-9400 •


PROS: Unlike previous Plus! packs, some Extras are actually useful, even to enterprises
CONS: Not available without purchasing Windows Vista Ultimate; ought to be made available to other Vista users at added cost
RECOMMENDATION: To provide further advantage to customers who purchase the most expensive Vista version, Vista Ultimate, Microsoft has added a new set of downloads, dubbed Windows Ultimate Extras. For now, the only compelling Extra is the Windows BitLocker Drive Preparation tool, a wizard-like utility that automates adding BitLocker protection to your system.
CONTACT: Microsoft • 800-426-9400 •

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