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Password Shenanigans

A systems administrator had a meeting with his manager to review the network. His manager said that he had free had to do whatever was necessary to tighten the security of the network. 
A few days later, the manager came to the systems administrator’s cubicle and asked what progress had been made. The administrator responded that he’d removed all user accounts except the Administrator account from the Domain Admins group. The password to the Administrator account was only going to be known to the sysadmin, the manager and the two people who managed the helpdesk.

A few days after that, the sysadmin was talking to the department’s secretary when he noticed a sticky note stuck to her monitor with the words ADMINISTRATOR ACCOUNT PASSWORD IS: with the new Administrator account password listed.

The systems administrator asked the manager how the department’s secretary learned the new Administrator account password. The manager responded that he was always forgetting his normal password, and didn’t want to bother the techs, so he would get his secretary to reset it for him.

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