Paragraph marks

Whenever you're selecting in Word, you want to be aware of the paragraph marks. Paragraph marks are a line break (the Enter key) but they also contain the formatting for the paragraph: its spacing, indentation, list style, tab stops, etc.

  • When selecting a paragraph, if you want to include the formatting and line break (and you usually will) make sure to select the paragraph mark.
    The easiest way to select a paragraph is to triple-click with your mouse pointer over the paragraph, or double-click with your mouse pointer next to the paragraph, in the selection bar (left margin).
  • If your paragraph marks aren't showing, they're still there -- they appear as a space at the end of a paragraph.
  • To make paragraph marks visible, choose Tools → Options ? View and select the checkbox,Paragraph Marks.
    We recommend you work with paragraph marks on.
  • You can also click the Show/Hide Paragraph Marks button to toggle the visibility of paragraph marks, but this button also makes all hidden characters visible, which may be more than you want to see.Show/Hide Paragraph Marks button
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