Outline numbered lists

An outline numbered list is any type of list other than a simple bulleted or numbered list. That is, if the list has a mix of bullets and numbers, or if the list is a structured, hierarchical list (an outline), you need to use the outline numbered list features.

To start an outline numbered list:

  • Right-click and choose Bullets and Numbering. Click the Outline Numbered tab. Select a style from the gallery and click OK
  • After you have applied an Outline Numbered style using the Bullets and Numbering command, you can just click the Numbering button in the future. The Numbering button applies the most recently-used numbered or outline numbered list style. Numbering button.

To continue the list and create a new item in the list:

  • Press Enter.

    Word creates a new paragraph and continues the list formatting from the previous paragraph. The new item is the next entry in the list, at the same level as the previous entry.

  • Press Tab to demote an item to the next (deeper) level in the list.
  • Press Shift+Tab to promote an item to the previous (higher) level in the list.
To add space between the entries in a list, do not press Enter twice. Instead, choose Format → Paragraph and configure Paragraph formatting to include space before and/or after the paragraph.

To finish the list and turn bullets off:

  1. Press Enter at the end of the last item in the list.
  2. Click the Numbering button to stop the list. Numbering button
While you can press Enter a second time to turn a list off, it is not a good practice as it adds a blank, empty paragraph to your document. Instead, use the Numbering button to toggle a list on and off.
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