Organize documents in folders

To create folders, do one of the following:

  • In Windows Explorer, open the folder in which you want to create a new folder. Then do one of the following:
    • Click the Make a new folder link, which appears in the folder task pane on the right of a folder in Windows XP and later.

      Make a new folder task

    • Right-click an empty area in the folder window and choose New → Folder.
    • Chose File ? New ? Folder.
  • In Word's Save As (or Open) dialog box, click the New Folder button.

    New Folder button

In each case, the folder will be given a default name, such as New Folder. You can type the new name and press Enter.

To rename a folder after it has been created, select the folder and press F2 or right-click the folder and choose Rename. Type the new name and press Enter.

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