Oracle Winter School is a must-see for database pros


Windows IT Pro's European wing has teamed up with Oracle to produce a slick series of multilingual webcasts that are a must-see for anyone involved in mixed database environments. The online Oracle Europe Winter School went live this week and all sessions are translated into the viewer's choice of either English, German, Spanish, French or Italian.

The Oracle Europe Winter School's semester covers Oracle's core technology stack with an emphasis on cloud computing. Viewers can choose between a number of seminars on the topic, with presentations from Oracle experts on private cloud consolidation, cloud security, lifecycle management within cloud operations and how to guarantee SLAs. Plus there's a look at extreme performance with Oracle Exadata.

Other sessions concentrate on Oracle's recently converged hardware proposition and include briefings on the Oracle Solaris 11 OS and on how SPARC T3-powered servers are now optimised for Oracle's database, Fusion middleware and business applications. There are also seminars on Fusion itself, SOA governance, BPM and maximising database storage efficiency with tiered storage.

The Oracle Europe Winter School opened its virtual doors on Monday and will run until March 3. Registration is free at the Oracle Europe Winter School website.

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