Online Self-service for Windows Troubleshooting Analysis

Online Self-service for Windows Troubleshooting Analysis

If you're having issues with a computer or server, Microsoft provides an online tool to help diagnose problems. In the past, working with Microsoft support, you would need to locate specific configuration and support information, find a way to deliver it to support personnel, and then wait for analysis and resolution.

The Machine Memory Dump Collector is run from a web page on the Microsoft diagnostics support site. Running the tool causes an executable to download and run on the local computer, which then uploads the last 5 memory dump files and processes them for analysis.

Go here: The Machine Memory Dump Collector

In addition, the tool collects system configuration information including event logs, hotfixes and updates, networking data, file versioning, specific registry keys, and information about virtualized environments.

You can still request assisted support from the page, but this tool gives you a way to initiate your own support and hopefully solve the problem yourself. Obviously, uploading files and waiting for a report will take some time, but probably not as much time as it would take working with a support person.

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