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The “Official” List of NT Server 4.0 Enhancements

NT Server 4.0 includes all the enhancements listed for NT Workstation, plus the following.

Domain Name System (DNS) lets NT Server act as a name server for a variety of TCP/IP clients, including Unix, NT Workstation, Win95, Windows 3.x, and Mac clients.

IIS 2.0 is Microsoft's Web, FTP, and gopher server software.

Multi-Protocol Routing (MPR), formerly available as a separate option for NT 3.51, is now an integrated part of NT Server. MPR lets an NT server act as a router between two or more networks.

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)/boot protocol (bootp) relay lets NT Server route DHCP and bootp traffic among multiple networks, giving you greater flexibility in where you can deploy IP address servers.

Remote Win95 booting accommodates diskless Win95 workstations.

DNS/WINS integration lets you configure the NT Server DNS implementation to use WINS information and eliminate the need for system name information in both the DNS and WINS databases.

NT Server 4.0 also has many minor enhancements. They include improved remote administration capabilities from Win95 systems, group definitions to simplify resource sharing, and configuration wizards for many common administration tasks.

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