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New & Improved - 30 Jul 2003


Address Your Small Business Network Needs, 208-947-8555

EmergeCore Networks released the IT-100 "IT in a Box," a desktop network appliance that combines 20GB of storage capacity, file server, Web server, email server, FTP server, router, 4-port switch, firewall, multiple domain support, alarm capability, wireless Access Point (AP), proxy server, Network Address Translation (NAT) capability, Web site builder, DNS server, DHCP server, VPN server, and VPN services. The IT-100, which is designed for small business and remote office use, eliminates the need for IT support and doesn't require software installation. You can set up and manage the product through a Web interface, and the product's wireless network connectivity capability lets users connect to the Internet through a PC, laptop, Tablet PC, and PDA. Pricing is $1395 per device.


Know When Important Events Occur, 401-847-6700, [email protected]

AVTECH Software released PageR Enterprise, software that monitors systems, servers, event logs, TCP/IP, disks, system logs, services, Web pages, scheduled FTPs, network connections, processes, directories, and devices on the network. You can specify time intervals for PageR to scan for system, server, and network problems. The software can notify individuals, groups, or hierarchies of problems via pager, cell phone, email, Internet, and pop-up broadcasting. You can also have PageR run scripts and commands or launch an application when a certain event occurs. The product supports mixed-platform networks. PageR Enterprise starts at $495 and goes to $4995 for an unlimited enterprise license; a data center version starts at $2495 and goes to $9995 for an unlimited data center license.

Monitor Network Node Status, 800-653-0024, [email protected]

Axosoft released NetTools2, network monitoring and alerting software that lets you see the status of network nodes. When a node goes offline, the Host Monitor feature can launch an external application to send an alert. You can monitor nodes every 10 seconds to every half hour. The IP Monitor feature can track the number of incoming, outgoing, or error-causing TCP, UDP, and Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) packets. The Connection Monitor feature lets you monitor all open connections to the host computer. You can display the protocol, local IP address, local ports, remote IP address, remote port, and connection status. The software includes several network security and ID tools, including Ping, Ping Scanner, Shared Resource Scanner, Port Scanner, and Name Scanner. Pricing is $39 per license.

Inventory Mobile Devices, 650-930-5282, 888-800-5444

Marimba announced its Device Management solution, which provides software change management capabilities for mobile and handheld environments. Marimba is extending its inventory, packaging, and reporting capabilities to mobile devices. Inventory management and autodiscovery capabilities can detect which services are connected to which desktops and can help protect against viruses that can enter a network from a mobile device. Device Management will help you to install, uninstall, verify, and repair applications and content in PCs and handheld devices. Reporting features provide a set of standard and customizable reports that detail network, user, and device profiles to help you know which devices contain which applications. Marimba sells its Device Management solution as an add-on module to its Desktop/Mobile Management product family. For pricing, contact Marimba.

Protect Your Network from Software-Audit Risks, 925-283-9771, [email protected]

Neon Software released LANsurveyor 7.1, software to help you solve network problems and protect your networks from software-audit risks. LANsurveyor comprises the LANsurveyor application and Neon Responder clients, which provide LANsurveyor with direct access to computers. LANsurveyor scans an IP address range and finds nodes. After the software discovers network nodes, it then compiles the information into a viewable network map that depicts network connectivity. Administrators can also remotely manage computers running the Neon Responder and perform such operations as shutdown/restart, send file/folder, store notes, send message, change password, quit process, and launch applications. LANsurveyor costs $495 and includes 20 Neon Responder clients.

Product Spotlight

TrueControl 2.0, [email protected], 425-636-2148

According to Infonetics Research, network downtime costs businesses an average of $32.7 million per year. Configuration errors account for about half of the outages in a typical enterprise network. Rendition Networks released TrueControl 2.0, software that tracks and regulates changes across routers, switches, firewalls, and load balancers in real time. TrueControl reduces mean time to repair (MTTR) by providing you with a view of how your network devices are configured. The software provides a historical archive of all network changes and diagnostics so that you can debug network outages that occur because of misconfigurations.

Raghav Kher, CEO of Rendition Networks, said, "Companies spend millions of dollars on enabling technologies like Voice over IP (VOIP) and wireless LANs (WLANs), significantly adding to network complexity. A lot of companies overlook one of the most effective ways to manage this complexity—their networking configuration files. TrueControl addresses a critical area of network management which is directly related to keeping a network up and running."

TrueControl provides granular device and user permissions to specify authorization levels and ensure that you follow proper change processes. You can use the Web-based interface to diagnose and correct configuration errors. You can determine who made a configuration change, why they made the change, when the change was made, what changed in the configuration, which device configuration changed, and how the change affected the network. The software also provides password management and deployment features. Pricing starts at $29,990 for 75 managed nodes.

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