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New & Improved - 23 Sep 2003


Connect Tablet PCs to Legacy Devices, 510-222-0131

Keyspan announced USB connectivity products that let you connect your Tablet PC to legacy devices. The High-Speed USB Serial Adapter costs $49, connects a serial device to a USB port, and supports data transfer rates as fast as 230Kbps. The USB Parallel Printer Adapter connects a parallel printer to a USB port and costs $39. The Mini Port Replicator costs $79 and combines the USB serial adapter, the USB parallel printer adapter, and the 2-port USB hub in one product.


Secure and Control Your Network, [email protected]

Anfibia released Desktop Orbiter 2.1, remote security software for Windows XP/ 2000/NT networks. Desktop Orbiter features administration tools to remotely control services, send messages, take desktop snapshots, get system information, run commands, view the logs of selected machines, log off, reboot, shut down, and lock workstations. Desktop restriction features let you remotely disable and protect the Start menu, the taskbar, and the desktop. You can also stop users from running forbidden applications such as file-sharing tools, chat programs, and games. Enhancements include support for DHCP and Anfibia's new Satellite Communication Technology, which ensures a secure connection between host and target. Pricing is $65 per license.

Deploy Patches and Service Packs, 919-388-3373, 888-243-4329

GFI Software released GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner (N.S.S.), software that can remotely deploy patches and service packs for Microsoft Office, Exchange Server, SQL Server, and Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2000 applications. The software also provides improved patch-verifying capability for Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) and Microsoft IIS. GFI LANguard N.S.S. can check your network for vulnerabilities and security holes. The software scans your entire network and can provide you with information such as service pack level of any machine, missing security patches, open shares, open ports, active services and applications, key registry entries, weak passwords, and user and group memberships.

Pricing is $695 per license. One license covers an unlimited number of IP addresses.

Manage Heterogeneous Environments, 650-475-5000, 877-486-9273

VMware announced VMware Control Center, software that lets you manage and control virtual machines (VMs) across a distributed environment. You can centrally manage your company's software resources independently of hardware resources. You can dynamically remap applications to physical resources across the data center so that you can run applications from one server to another without service interruption, lost data, or incomplete transactions. The Centralized Management Console lets you manage your entire computing infrastructure, including VMs, VM groups, and virtual disk images. The Virtual Machine Dashboard lets you monitor VM performance and availability across all servers. VMware Control Center will be available in late 2003.


Manage Applications and Desktops, 603-433-5885

AutoProf released Profile Maker 8.0, desktop configuration and management software for Windows desktops and thin clients. The software lets you manage Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office, and other Windows applications and the Windows desktop. Enhancements include an administration interface, additional usability features, improved logging and reporting capabilities, remote management, and additional filtering to provide a granular view of your enterprise. Profile Maker integrates with Active Directory (AD) and Group Policy. You can use the software to create standardized Windows desktop environments but can also customize individual configurations according to user preference and need. Profile Maker 8.0 is licensed on a per-set basis.

Erase Internet History, 801-444-2837, 888-447-1175

WinnowSoft released Winnow Cleaner 3.2, Internet history-eraser and track-eraser software that can delete Internet cookies, temporary Internet files, and typed URLs. Index .dat database files typically keep copies of cookies, history, and temporary Internet files, and you have no way to delete the files while Windows is running. Winnow Cleaner monitors all your Internet tracks and securely deletes them. The software cleans the Windows Temp directory, Recycle Bin, and recent Documents folders. Winnow Cleaner 3.2 runs on Windows XP/2000/NT/Me/ 9x systems and costs $25.


Celestix RAS3000, 510-668-0700, [email protected]

VPNs are attractive solutions for enterprises with geographically distributed operations and staff, telecommuters, and mobile professionals. Companies have experienced an increasing demand for RAS services because of the growing number of mobile users and an increase in client bandwidth. To meet the demand, Celestix Networks released the Celestix RAS3000, a Windows Server 2003­powered remote access VPN appliance. The RAS3000 provides secure remote access for both wired and wireless VPN networks.

The RAS3000 builds on Windows 2003's native VPN remote access technology. Each appliance supports as many as 1000 simultaneous VPN connections. You can install multiple appliances for scalability. The appliance features management software with load-balancing capability, real-time alerting and monitoring, and historical reporting. The RAS3000 also supports Active Directory (AD) authentication so that you can maintain a separate user ID and password database on the remote access server or elsewhere. Remote users can access the network through a Web browser and the RAS3000 will continue to enforce policies such as virus scanning and personal-firewall operation.

Jim Hanley, Celestix Networks CEO, said, "The RAS3000 greatly reduces VPN deployment time and related costs because it directly leverages all existing Windows VPN clients. You can deploy an entire system in less than 20 minutes with no disruption of service. Coupled with the reliable and streamlined operation of an appliance, the RAS 3000 dramatically reduces the total cost of ownership."

The Celestix RAS3000 costs $5995 and includes all software, support, and licensing for as many as 1000 concurrent connections. Celestix Networks won't charge you for your Client Access Licenses (CALs).

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