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Dear readers,
The editors of IIS Administrator are constantly striving to bring you the help and information you need to do your job better and more easily. To that end, you'll notice a couple of changes in the issues to come. In addition to our continuing question-and-answer column and regular features about security and e-commerce, starting in the July issue we'll be adding a new regular feature about the Microsoft Windows 2000 Resource Kit. Each month in this column, Ken Spencer will identify and describe a different tool from this valuable resource, which also includes the IIS 5.0 Resource Guide.

In August, we'll begin a regular public column for new IIS administrators. The column will appear exclusively on the IIS Administrator Web site. In this column, Brett Hill, who also writes IIS Informant, will cover topics such as authenticating with FTP, sending mail with IIS, and quick tips for optimizing that are fundamental to beginning IIS administrators.

As always, your feedback is not only appreciated but essential for the continued success of IIS Administrator. We encourage you to email us at [email protected] with your ideas for articles about topics important to your job. Thank you for subscribing to IIS Administrator! And for more information about IIS, be sure to check out our free email newsletter, IIS Administrator UPDATE. IIS Administrator UPDATE brings you the latest news, security information, tips and tricks, and product information relating to IIS. To subscribe, go to

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