Navigate a slide show

To access slide navigation, markup, and presentation control commands, do one of the following:

  • Click the buttons on the Slide Show toolbar.

    Slide Show toolbar

  • Right-click a slide and select a command from the popup menu.
  • Press F1 while presenting for the slide show help dialog box, which lists numerous keyboard shortcuts for navigating and marking up a presentation.

    Slide Show Help

Some of the more useful shortcuts are:

  • Advance to the next slide or event:
    • Click to advance to the next slide or event, or press one of the following keys: ENTER, SPACEBAR, N, PAGE DOWN, the RIGHT ARROW or the DOWN ARROW.
  • Go to the previous slide or event:
    • To go to the previous slide or event, press one of the following keys: BACKSPACE, PAGE UP, P, the LEFT ARROW or the UP ARROW.
  • Exit the slide show:
    • Press ESCAPE.
  • Navigate to a specific slide:
    • Type the slide number and press Enter.
    • Use the Go to slide command on the popup menu or presentation menu button. presentation control button


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