MyCasting with Orb

As mobile devices increasingly consume our daily lives, we're looking for more ways to control when, where, and how we access our personal media. Have you heard of Orb Networks' concept of MyCasting? MyCasting gives you the freedom to view your home-based media from virtually anywhere in the world on any Web-enabled mobile device. Think of it as the opposite of broadcasting, letting you remotely access and watch not only your live or recorded home and Internet TV, but also your music collection, videos, photos, podcasts, and virtually any other digital content stored on your home PCs.

The Orb service provides free, instant enjoyment of all your digital media from any web-connected device, be it a mobile phone, PDA or laptop. It’s simple to use: There’s no hardware or additional software to purchase or load on any mobile devices; a quick download to the user’s home always-on PC is all that’s required to start MyCasting. Simply open a Web browser on a computer, laptop, PDA, or cell phone, log in, and select what you want to view or hear from your personal library. Orb takes care of the rest. Based on the device, Orb determines the best format, codec, bit rate, display capabilities, and network bandwidth. Orb streams content at the highest quality available to you, providing the best possible experience the device and bandwidth can support.

It's free. Check it out at the Orb Web site.

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