Modify the title master

A Title Slide layout contains placeholders for a title and subtitle. You can also include header and footer information. A title slide may be simply the first slide in your presentation, or you might use title slides to separate sections of the presentation. In either case, you might want to give your title slides a look that is different from the rest of your slides. You can do so by modifying the title master.

The title master determines the initial appearance and default formatting for slides that have the Title Slide layout applied.

Title Slide slide layout

To modify the title master:

  • Switch to the master view then click the title master thumbnail in the left pane of the window.

    Title Master thumbnail

If you don't see a title master, do one of the following:

  • Choose Insert → New Title Master
  • Click the Insert New Title Master button on the Slide Master

Once you select the title master, you can:

  • change the background or color scheme.
  • resize, reposition, and format placeholders.
  • add pictures or other objects.
  • change font styles for title, subtitle, and footer text such as slide number and date.
  • do just about anything you would do on a PowerPoint slide.

The title master inherits many of its styles from the slide master. Once you make changes directly to the title master, however, those changes will be preserved and will not be affected by changes to the slide master.

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