Modify the appearance of a photo - 30 Oct 2007

Using buttons on the Picture toolbar, you can:

  • Crop a picture
    1. Click the Crop button. Crop button
    2. Drag a handle on the picture towards the center of the picture. The area to the outside will be cropped out (deleted).

      cropping a photo

    3. Click the Crop button again or press Escape to exit the crop mode.
  • Add a border line around the picture. The effect will be similar to a frame.
    • Click the Line Style button and select a style from its menu. Line Style button

      Like all shortcuts on the Picture toolbar, you can access more options by choosing the Format Picture command.

  • Modify the coloration of the picture
    • Click the Color button and select from the menu.

      Color button

  • Increase or decrease the brightness or contrast of the picture.
    • Click the More Contrast, Less Contrast, More Brightness or Less Brightness button.

      Brightness and Contrast buttons

  • Configure all picture formatting on the Picture tab of the Format Picture dialog box.

    Format Picture dialog box - Picture tab

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