Microsoft: Your Digital Content, in Any Room in the House, at Any Time

Microsoft's plan to have Windows Media Center Extender devices remotely use XP Media Center content (i.e., digital music, photos, movies, and recorded TV) is a good strategy that will nicely obviate the one huge complaint I have with Media Center PCs--they're too obtrusive in rooms such as the den. (After using a Media Center PC in my den for 2 years, I feel reasonably sure that the machine isn't a viable solution for most people. Nevertheless, I can't live without it.) Under the new scheme, which will become reality this fall (and require a new MCE update--don't worry, it's a software-only update), users will be able to put inexpensive, quiet, and reliable Windows Media Center Extender devices in the rooms that have nice TVs and stereo systems and leave those ugly, loud PCs back in the home office in which they belong.

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