Microsoft Personal Support Center Offers SBS 4.5 Support

Are you looking for information on technical support issues surrounding the upcoming Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS) 4.5 upgrade? Go to the Microsoft Personal Support Center and search on “winnt 4.5” in Advanced View ( to find a treasure chest of SBS 4.5 bulletins. During the past few weeks, Microsoft has created or updated nearly two dozen Support Online articles regarding SBS or BackOffice 4.5. In the next two Small Business Connection columns, I’ll review the most interesting articles. - HP JetAdmin Software No Longer Included with SBS (Q225296, updated 4/12/99) SBS 4.0 administrators might have gotten used to this pleasant surprise and convenience because CD-ROM 1 of SBS 4.0 included the JetAdmin software. However, if you’re installing SBS 4.5, make sure to bring along the CD-ROM that came from HP or download the latest version from (be prepared for a 5MB download). - Unable to Send Attachments by Fax When Source Program is Open (Q222616, updated 4/9/99) You can use the Outlook 2000 client included with SBS 4.5 to send email and faxes. However, you might have trouble sending attachments with these faxes. According to the Microsoft Support Online article, this problem occurs most often with file types that use Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) when printing (e.g., Office 97 and Office 2000 file types). Avoid this problem by using the Send Fax Utility wizard provided during SBS client installation. - Prompted for Floppy Disk When Adding a Printer to SBS Server (Q222652, updated 4/13/99) You might see this behavior if you change the CD-ROM drive letter after you install SBS 4.5. To get around this problem, click the Browse button to locate the \i386 folder or other required files. - "Clients Must Use These Cover Pages” Doesn’t Work on Windows 9x (Q222505, updated 3/30/99) From the SBS 4.5 server utilities, administrators can dictate which cover pages clients can use with faxes going out through the SBS fax server. However, this restriction is only enforceable with Windows NT Workstation clients. Users on Win9x clients can choose to ignore this restriction. - Outlook Express Does Not Send Outbound Email Messages (Q220865, updated 4/13/99) With SBS 4.5, as with SBS 4.0, you can choose an SMTP/POP3 mail client such as Outlook Express in lieu of or in addition to Outlook. If you’re using a program such as Outlook Express, you can send and receive messages within the LAN, and you can receive Inbound messages from the Internet. However, outbound messages might end up in nondelivery reports (NDRs). This behavior occurs because Outlook Express messages bypass the Exchange Server information store. To get around this problem, you’ll need to adjust the connection configuration under Internet Mail Service to “reroute incoming SMTP mail.” Then stop and restart the Exchange Internet Mail Service. There’s more great news for SBS users. Windows NT Magazine has relaunched the online discussion forums to include an entire area dedicated to SBS within the BackOffice umbrella. I’ll be your “Forum Pro.” I cordially invite you to drop by, stir up the pot, and make this forum the SBS “place to be seen and heard” ( Send your SBS war stories, comments, and feedback to [email protected]

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