Microsoft News Junkies Get a Dedicated, Multi-platform App

Microsoft News Junkies Get a Dedicated, Multi-platform App

Latest update here:  Microsoft's Latest News Aggregator App Works for Android, Not for Windows

Today, Microsoft has released a new app that consolidates all news for products, features and upcoming events. Called Microsoft Tech Companion, the app runs on Windows Phone, Windows 8, and Android, with a version for iOS coming soon.


  • Access news and topics from virtually anywhere using either your Phone or Tablet.
  • Stay up-to-date with news and events that interest you.
  • Customizable feeds – Define feeds around products, terms, features, and functions. Turn them into live tiles that alert you with updates and customize the tiles with a splash of color.
  • Bookmarks – Save a specific news topic, library article or blog in the application to easily find it again in the future (and be alerted when it has been updated).
  • Streaming news – Microsoft news, events, you name it; it all streams to the app’s news reader.
  • Always with you – Sign in with your Microsoft ID and your settings will sync to every device installed with the app.
  • Search Microsoft all at once.
  • Search through blogs, wikis, and library topics.
  • Filter results by source and/or product and version.
  • Save your searches for future reference.
  • Stay up-to-date on a specific subject that interests you. Turn your searches into custom feeds.
  • Share content with friends and colleagues.

To get it, search the respective app store for 'Microsoft Tech Companion' or use the following links:

Download for Windows Phone

Download for Windows

Download for Android

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If you have issues with the app, send an email to the support team: [email protected]

I'm getting ready to send my first email, as the app force closes on my Lenovo Tablet 2 running Windows 8.1.

UPDATE: OK...nevermind about the support email address. Here's what I received back:

Nobody is home...

UPDATE 2: I can confirm that the app will NOT run on either the Lenovo Tablet 2, the Surface Pro, nor a Dell Desktop, all running Windows 8.1. Anyone else having any luck?

UPDATE 3: It DOES run on Windows Phone 8.

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