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Microsoft has made many of the Windows 2000 Resource Kit utilities available for download.

The Windows 2000 Resource Kits are no longer available for purchase.

Microsoft had removed all the Web pages that provided access to the Windows 2000 Resource Kit tools.

Microsoft has made the following Windows 2000 Resource Kit tools available for download:

Active Directory Sizer (adsizer.exe)
Application Programming Interface monitor (apimon.exe)
Application Security (appsec.exe)
Cluster Quorum Restore Utility (clusrest.exe)
Counter List (ctrlist.exe)
Cluster Verification Utility (clustsim.exe)
Domain Controller Diagnostic Tool (dcdiag.exe)
Delete File and Reparse Points (delrp.exe)
Delete Server (delsrv.exe)
Display Heap (dh.exe)
DHCP Database Export Import Tool (dhcpexim.exe)
Directory Disk Usage (diruse.exe)
Disk Map (diskmap.exe)
Disk Partition (diskpart.exe)
Disk Manager Diagnostics (dmdiag.exe)
List Loaded Drivers (drivers.exe)
Drive Share (drmapsrv.exe)
Dump Event Log (dumpel.exe)
Dump FSMO Roles (dumpfsmos.cmd)
Registry Size Estimator (dureg.exe)
Encrypting File System Information (efsinfo.exe)
Extensible Performance Counter List (exctrlst.exe)
Extract Cabinet (extract.exe)
FAZAM 2000
GetMAC (getmac.exe)
Get Security ID (getsid.exe)
Group Policy Verification Tool (gpotool.exe)
Group Policy Results (gpresult.exe)
GUID to Object (guid2obj.exe)
Heap Monitor (heapmon.exe)
Hard link display tool (hlscan.exe)
If Member (Ifmember.exe)
IIS Migration Wizard (IISMIGrationWizard_Setup.exe)
Installation Monitor (instaler_setup.exe)
File-In-Use Replace Utility (inuse.exe)
Internet Protocol Security Policies Tool (lpsecpol.exe)
Kerberos Tray (kerbtray.exe)
Kerberos List (klist.exe)
Network Connectivity Tester (netdiag.exe)
Now (now.exe)
NT Detect (
Open Handles (oh.exe)
OLE/COM Object Viewer (oleview.exe)
Path Manager (pathman.exe)
File Access Permissions per User (perms.exe)
Page Fault Monitor (pfmon.exe)
Process and Thread Status (pstat.exe)
PuList (pulist.exe)
File Copy (rdpclip.exe)
Relog (relog.exe)
RPC Configuration Tool (rpccfg.exe)
RPC Dump (rpcdump.exe)
RPC Connectivity Verification Tool (rpings.exe)
Manipulate Service Principal Names for Accounts (setspn.exe)
SetX (setx.exe)
Performance Data Block Dump Utility (showperf.exe)
File Replication Service (FRS) Status Viewer (sonar.exe)
Near-Future Command Scheduler (soon.exe)
Automated Installation Tool (sysdiff.exe)
Timethis (timethis.exe)
Trace Dump (tracedmp.exe)
Trace Enable (traceenable.exe)
Trace Log (tracelog.exe)
Terminal Server Capacity Planning Tools (tscpt.exe)
User State Migration Tool (usmt.exe)
Virtual Address Dump (vadump.exe)
Who Am I (whoami.exe)
WinStation Monitor (winsta.exe)
Windows NT IPConfig Utility (wntipcfg.exe)
XCacls (xcacls.exe)
Download the Windows 2000 Resource Kit tools.

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