Microsoft Consolidates Windows Blogs Around One Windows

Microsoft Consolidates Windows Blogs Around One Windows

The problem with blogs these days is that everyone has one (there's a punch line here, somewhere).

And, not just everyone, but in Microsoft's case, every single product (even products that are part of a single suite of products) had a blog set aside. And, just like the blogs you find littered around on the Internet, some are good, some are bad, and some rarely get updated.

About a year ago, there was another explosion of Microsoft blogs. The company created a lone blog for each and every product and device. Windows Experience, Windows Phone, Windows for your Business, Windows App Builder, Windows Consumer, Surface, Surface for Business – the list goes on and on. It was confusing, and even more so when activity dwindled over the past few weeks. Some of the blogs became ghost towns and it really made you wonder if Microsoft was changing focus and direction of some products.

Now that Microsoft has a bit more of its direction defined, thanks to semi-new CEO, Satya Nadella, it makes sense that the company would also make an attempt at bringing its blogs under control.

While some of the current blogs will remain (Windows for your Business, Building Apps for Windows, and Exploring IE) the majority of the Windows blog properties are being consolidated and revamped. As of Friday, some of the blogs have already disappeared, which explains my experience on why some of the Windows blogs were inactive, and have been merged together.

Here's the old blogs that have been consolidated into the Blogging Windows blog.

  • Windows Experience Blog
  • Windows Phone Blog
  • Extreme Windows Blog

Microsoft promises that the same material provided in all of those locations will continue to be delivered in the new blog, even things like news apps and games for both Windows and Windows Phone.

Make sure you to remove your old bookmarks and RSS feeds and update to the new location.

Blogging Windows blog

Blogging Windows RSS feed

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